Bachelorette Power Rankings—Week 6

The Bachelorette

It. Is. Game time.

This is where we find who are the pretenders and contenders are, and thankfully we got more pretenders after Jordan left. There was a debate, a lot of drama, and even some body shaming. Also, is it just me or did ABC step their music game up? Idk, something to watch for the future though.

Another note: Becca is looking more and more snacky, and I am loving it.

Date 1: Richmond Tour, Jason

Date Grade: B Competitor Grade: B+

The museum was weird, the donut thing was kind of cool, but the two things the stuck out the most were on opposite sides of the spectrum.

What the hell was that unhappy shit?? I have so many questions about this part of the date. I get that Becca and Jason were drinking blood looking cocktails, but what about the other people? Could they have possibly be drinking blood? Also, what was that dance Jason was doing? And when did Jason learn how to do that dance??

Then, how tight was it to take Jason to a bar where all his boys are? This part of the date needs to become a staple for the Bachelor, because it was so cool. The reaction Jason had was so genuine and perfect, and then his boys gassed him up which was perfect. Well done Jason he’s still the slick-back snack of the season.

Date 2: The Great Debate, Group Date

Participants: Chris, Wills, Garrett, Blake, Connor, Colton, and Lincoln

Rose: Colton

That Lincoln impersonator was so on fleek, as for ole George Washington? He sucked, such a big bag of nothing, hate to see it. Seriously though, that Lincoln impersonator was so good.

The date itself had so much potential, and then Chris went off the rails and dropped the F bomb which is amazing for all the family’s in the crowd. Man, Chris sucks.

Connor and Garrett had some great showings in this date though. Connor made his brand known in this debate and I really appreciated that, throwing his hair into his answer was an absolute power move. Garrett called Chris and Lincoln out for their shit and had a great closing statement for Becca… How did Colton get the rose???

Date 3: Oyster Shucking, Leo

Date Grade: B+ Competitor Grade: A-

My boi killed it this date.

How does he look exactly like he has been shucking oysters his whole life?? Two weeks ago, he was a lumberjack and this week he’s an oyster shucker guy (That’s how you say it right?). I really needed like a dangerous catch scene though where Leo kicks it into full gear and saves the ship or something.

Then we got another shitty country artist. Morgan Evans? God he was awful. Why do these guys want to get on this show, because all of them suck. Saying that, there was some mamis in the crowd so shouts to them.

Anyway, well played Leo.

Let’s Do the Damn Thing

Who’s Gone:

Connor: Connor didn’t suck, had some wild hair, and is probably headed to paradise. As for the other two on this list…

Lincoln: Though I hate Lincoln, I was really hoping Chris would swing on him one time, so Lincoln could beat his shit into the ground. That would be the perfect way for those two to leave. Anyway, I hope he can eat his 12 eggs a day in jail. See ya.

Chris: He just continued to suck. I wonder how many times behind the camera that this guy mentioned that he was 300 lbs. once? There are very few people that I’ve seen on this show that dug themselves a deeper hole then Chris did. Becca even aired him out at the end for how much he sucks, good for her for getting rid of all the bad guys.

Power Rankings:

6. Blake (↓5)

Blake goes from first to last real quick in this episode. He did nothing to move the needle, and you just can’t do that at this point in the game. He’s got to pick up his game, or he’s in trouble of going home next week.

5. Leo (↑1)

MY BOI SHOWED OUT. He nailed the one-on-one, and therefore puts himself right into the conversation of who’s going to win this thing. Also, with that performance, Leo most likely locked up his spot on paradise. Just think of Leo rolling in with short hair in paradise and absolutely setting the competition on fire and landing someone like Kristina. Huge.

4. Wills (↔)

Wills went for it and told Becca that he was falling in love with her, but other then that he didn’t do much to move the needle. Look for him to step up his game next week, maybe a one-on-one? He needs to step it up though if he wants to keep moving in this process.

3. Jason (↑2)

Jason killed it on the one-on-one, got gassed up by his friends, and stayed the low-key lady killer of the season. Jason has got a plan and he is going to stick to it, because it is working for him. I bet his insta numbers are doing real good after this latest episode.

2. Colton (↑1)

This is an official anti-Colton column. He has done nothing for me but cement the fact that he is only on this show to get back with Tia on paradise. How the hell did he get the group rose or Garrett? No one knows, but I am officially out on Colton.

1. Garrett (↑1)

Garrett is right on his way to bring this damn thing home. Him and Becca are very strong, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Look for him to continue on the pace he is on right now and continue to move his and Becca’s relationship further.

See ya next week


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