Bachelorette Power Rankings—Week 10

The Bachelorette

I’m going to say this right now, I did not want to watch a 3 HOUR F*CKING FINALE. Are you kidding me ABC??  What the hell are they going to talk about for 3 hours???? Can we please stop this, this episode felt more like a chore than anything really.

Another note is this was obviously Becca’s sister’s coming out party. As she played a much bigger role than anyone else in her family. Huge for her brand.

Final point. Blake when he watches back on this is going to have a real tough time. Real, real tough.

But let’s break this season down for the final time.


Meeting the Fam:

Garrett killed it. He got emotional and raw like has not been seen very often in this show. His honesty and obvious commitment to Becca was incredible and really showed through when he met the family. Him getting emotional even got me emotional. He really set the bar for Blake right away.

The Date: Yacht Ride

This is the date that we get pretty much every single season with the yacht and the kissing and the blah and the blah. Becca calling the little baby dolphin, “a little nugget” and “a mac and cheese ball,” yeah that’s about the most Minnesotan shit she’s ever done, and I love it.

Garrett really showed out in this date. He’s opening up more to Becca and Becca is seeing that and it’s obvious that Garrett really pulled ahead in this date. Although it came out the Garrett is a huge snorer. Big red flag there. The quote when Garrett said, “When I was talking to your mom, it felt like I had your dad there talking to me too.” Yeah, that brought him back from the whole snoring thing. HE ALSO SAID HE LOVED HER ACCENT. THAT IS OUR ACCENT ALL OF US HERE IN MINNESOTA. YO MY BOI.


Meeting the Fam:

“I’m a little nervous,” Blake. Ohh def can’t tell, you just said you were excited in the side interview 35 million times.

Blake’s conversation with him and Becca’s sister did not go nearly as well as Garretts. Damn, overall Becca’s family went in on Blake and you really hate to see that. I think you gotta spread out meeting the fam just a little bit more, like more 2 days even? Just put Blake into an awful spot.

This spot made Blake pretty much go crazy. Which shows how awful of a bachelor he would be. No way he would be able to handle 30 girls.

The Date: Bike Riding

The date that was beat into the ground Arie’s season, but we are back at it with Blake and Becca. Honestly, this is the first time that Blake really underwhelmed for me. Maybe, it was once again because of Garrett’s performance, maybe it was because we had pretty much heard the same speech from Blake before. Either way, he did well, just didn’t move the needle enough.

Time capsule was a great move. The pictures, kinda weird, but the quotes, perfect. Well done there. The part of Becca saying she had clarity though, damn, that shit is wild. Once again, Blake is going to have a tough time watching this, if he even does.

Who gets to do the damn thing?

Who’s Going Home:


Mannnnn how long did those guys have to walk? And in a suit… damnnnnn. Maybe that was the reason that Blake was so damn sweaty, maybe it was the fact that he was about to ask Becca to marry him. It hard to say.

The look in Becca’s eyes with Blake until the very end is probably the saddest part of this whole thing. At the beginning of Blake’s speech, she was so into it, and then there was a moment where she changed. So, when he asked her, and she had to stop him and break his heart. Man, this was tough. The “I love you, bye,” he really had to do it to em. AND THEN HE HAS TO WALK ALL THE WAY BACK, DAMN ABC COME ON.

Power Rankings

1. Garrett

Garrett had to walk the whole way too, but this time it was MUCH more worth it.

I need to know how many times Garrett practiced his speech, because we all know he’s not a man for speeches, but he killed it. Then Becca killed it and it was so perfect when she said dropped the final hard L. Then, came the proposal and we got the “let’s do the damn thing.”

I’m happy for Garrett, I’m happy for our girl Becca, and I am so glad that we don’t have to watch trash like this until next season. Jk, Paradise is starting.

Anyway, see you next season.



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