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Bachelor Power Rankings—Week 7


This week was another pretty incredible week in one of the best season of the bachelor in my opinion, but we are not here to read about my opinion. We are here to break down 110% always true facts of who is on top of the bachelor this week. This is proven by the fact that my top two girls from last week are still in the game, wait, no they aren’t. So, I don’t know, maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore, but it’s still a good time.

I’m going to tell you this now though, my methods may have worked. In this week’s episode, there were three one-on-one dates. The three girls that got the dates were the last three in my power rankings last week. So, Arie, if you look at my power rankings, was actually playing this smart. He wanted to get a last one-on-one with the three girls he felt most shaky with, figure out which would get a rose (until the snack of the year left), and then dish out three roses in the group date. Not a bad plan from Arie.

But, let’s get into it.

Date 1: Tourist Trip and Dinner, Becca K.

Date Grade: A Competitor Grade: A+

WOAH, BECCA K. WASN’T COMPLETELY AVERAGE. I’m so proud of her. She turned up the juice this week, and became one to watch. Segmenting herself within the last four; our girl from Minnesota may just have a chance. She stamped out her and Arie’s concerns about their relationship, and got hit on by a really short, old Italian dude. Big time power move this week.

Date 2: Tourist Trip and Dinner (again), Lauren B. (again)

Date Grade: B Competitor Grade: C

No, you did not just accidently re-watch week 6 of this year’s Bachelor. This was almost the exact same date as not only the one-on-one that Arie just went on, but the same as the week before WITH LAUREN B. You think the producers like her? Which I’m still confused on why. This girl does little for me, but she dropped the L bomb so I mean maybe she’s trying? Anyway, I bet on their hometown date next week they’ll ride bike again. That’d be wild, we have NEVER seen that before. *Eye Roll

Date 3: Rinse, Wash, Repeat. Another Trip around town and Dinner, Sienna

Date Grade: C Competitor Grade: D-

This was a boring date and a boring outcome. No surprise that Sienna is going home this week.

Group 4: Garden Walk and Dinner, Group Date

Date Grade: B

Roses: Tia and Kendall

This was a fun one. We got to see a side in Tia that we haven’t really seen before, and the 22-year-old in Bekah M. finally came out. Tia arose the concern to Arie and to Bekah that Bekah’s experience level with love might not be to the point of marriage. Then Bekah started crying, nice. Bekah didn’t stop crying for pretty much the rest of the episode, as she was sent home after an eventual two-on-one with her and Tia.

Who’s Gone:

Jacqueline: The Snack of the Year couldn’t quite handle it. Her anxiety got a little too much for her, and she said see yeah. Honestly probably her best move, because I could see her getting even more hurt down the line. Anyway I guess there must be a curse on the second ranked in power rankings, because that is two weeks in a row that the number two rated girl is gone. Anyway, hit ya boi up if you’re ever in MN girl. JK, my girlfriend probably wouldn’t be too fond of that. Love you Samm

Sienna: She is way too good for Arie anyway, so this is probably for the best.

Bekah M.: NUMBER ONE GOES DOWN. I didn’t see this one coming this week, but throughout the episode, it was pretty easy to see that Bekah was not only going to be on a missing person’s list back home, but also missing on this show.

Power Rankings:


Lauren B. (1)

I don’t know why she is still on the show. She’s kind of a sponge, maybe if you poke it enough it will spit something at you, but by itself it’s not doing much. You know how this show is though, she’s going to somehow win and everyone’s going to be pissed. Well hey, Arie is “Falling in love” with her, gross. Anyway it’s hometowns so I expect that she has a crazy mother and that will maybe push Arie away??


Tia (1)

Tia gets knocked down one spot. Partly because maybe Arie is questioning his relationship with her and also partly because of Becca K.’s big-time performance. I’m really excited to see Tia’s dad, he looked like the definition of the Arkansas redneck. Tia better nut-up if she’s going to make it through the week.


Becca K. (2)

The big mover of the week was Becca K. She had an outstanding date with Arie, and she might be gunning for that top spot in next week’s rankings. Where do you think she will take him around Minneapolis? Comment below, and let us know! Look for her to keep pushing and have another big week.


Kendall ()

Kendall had a very strong week, takes a hold of the top spot in the rankings, and fortified her relationship with Arie. Big time power moves from her. Maybe the dad that said, “I’m bleeping going to kill him,” was hers? I don’t know. All I know is that Kendall is #1.


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