Awesome Video Of How ‘Kickstradomis’ Is Creating Sneakers For Flip Saunders Night

Tonight is ‘Flip Saunders Night’ at Target Center and the entire Minnesota Timberwolves team will be wearing custom sneakers honoring the late great Timberwolves legend.

I’m not even a big basketball guy but this video intrigued me. The NBA is so good at allowing their athletes to be personalities and to have their own style and voice. Double that with having a whole TEAM rock some sweet custom shoes to honor the Minnesota legend and you got yourself a hell of a way for these guys to honor Flip.

The man behind the kicks goes by ‘Kickstradomis’, who formed a friendship with Karl-Anthony Towns. KAT’s ‘Stranger Things’ shoes from Kickstradomis are a personal favorite of mine.

I don’t have many memories of Timberwolves basketball. The only season I can really remember is the 2004 season with KG winning the MVP and beating the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs. I hope that soon more seasons will become memorable with this team, Flip deserves that. He was the one who took KAT first overall. He brought Wiggins here. He traded to draft the hometown kid in Tyus Jones. His footprint is all over this roster. Hopefully they can make some noise for him.

All the shoes will be auctioned off after, and I would bet that they will all go for a real pretty penny.

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