Andrew Wiggins Got Paid

Andrew Wiggins Dunk

5-years, $146.5 Million. Signed and sealed. How bout dat?

As most of you know by now, Andrew Wiggins and the Timberwolves officially put this lingering contract situation to bed. The 22-year-old agreed to the anticipated 5-year max (w/no player option) earlier today.

So, the question is simple: Did the Wolves organization make the right decision here? Or will this give fans something to bitch about other than botched draft picks? Only time will tell. If I had to choose one, it’s the former. The former all day, baby. My broke-ass would even bet on it if I could (slight/moderate gambling addiction). Good Damn Job Glenny Boy. I’m Proud of you, Mr. Taylor.

Most NBA teams would be drooling over this immense young talent. If Minnesota didn’t offer him the cash, plenty of squads would have been happy to run to the ATM.  Rightfully so. The kid has Kobe-like potential on offense. K-O-B-E.

The Mamba averaged 22.5 PPG on 46.8% FG at the same age Andrew was last year. Wiggins (w/one less year of NBA under his belt) posted 23.6 PPG on 45.2%. I know, I know. There is no “Mamba Mentality” or All NBA Defense (not yet) coming from the Canuck, but fuck. I’m cool with someone else being the leader. He can just worry about posting Kobe Bean Bryant like numbers.

Hey, remember KAT? Yaaa, that guy. He’s eligible for his respective max next offseason. This doesn’t affect the available dough for that deal. What it does affect is Towns likeliness to stay. With a young, potential perennial all-star locked up at wing, the KAT deal is all but done.

Finally, Puff Daddy taught us “It’s all about the Benjamins.” If the dollar amount of this deal makes you resent Wiggins, sharpen the saw please. Ninety-nine percent of people try to maximize their earnings in their respective fields and that is exactly what Andrew did. Plus, Sprewell already clearly explained that these guys have families to feed. Eat up, Wiggins Family.

P.S. – Do not sleep on the fact he has gone with the Kawhi Leonard style dreadlocks. I’m all for him adopting anything Kawhi related (besides injuries).

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