15 Things To Do Now That The Vikings Lost

If you are like me, you have finally started to get over the depression of the Vikings, once again, crushing every part of our hearts, and reality has started to set in.

So, the real question is, what do we do now? I mean for the last five months, 90% of my free time has consisted of now pointless information about how the Vikings defense is the greatest thing ever. SPOILER ALERT. Big Dick Nick showed up in a big way.

Well here is the no doubt, 100% best list that I have compiled for what to do now that the Vikings have officially Vikings ‘ed once again in the playoffs.

15. Binge watch all of the National Treasure movies
14. Become an avid curling fan
13. Read Mein Kampf
12. Go to your college frat house to reminisce
11. Build an intrigue pro/cons list for who should win the Vikings starting job next season
10. Do the Tide pod challenge
9. Wallow in self-pity
8. Buy a Case Keenum fat head only to cry and cuddle with
7. Go to bdubs on Sunday’s at noon to do the ‘Blazin’ challenge
6. Invest all of your money in Bitcoin
5. Take up bird watching
4. Watch the “Minneapolis Miracle” on repeat while eating lutefisk (shirt now on sale)
3. Throw full beer cans at Eagles fans
2. Start watching the Bachelor
1. Become a die-hard Patriots fan

SKOL Vikes.

Photo credit: wuestenigel on VisualHunt / CC BY

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